General Civil Law

So you retain your rights in both your professional and your everyday life

General civil law answers a multitude of professional and everyday legal questions that are not covered in a specialist field. At Viehbacher, this includes preparing and concluding contracts, your employment relationship and issues relating to your residence permit and, particularly in conflict situations, defence against unfounded claims or the assertion of justified claims.

A simple call from a civil lawyer is often enough to clarify the matter

To quickly and easily help you exercise your rights, there’s a civil lawyer at every single one of Viehbacher Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater’s locations: in Munich as well as in Vienna, Triesen, Zurich and Brixen. A quick call or short letter from a lawyer is often all you need to prevent a conflict situation from escalating further or even occurring in the first place. So please don’t hesitate to seek our help.

The good contracts of today prevent the conflicts of tomorrow

We always advise our clients to take a proactive approach in principle. Even when dealing with contracts, you have to look closely to check whether they are fit for purpose and that key clauses are not potentially invalid. Are you concluding the contract yourself, or were you given both the contract and the General Terms and Conditions too? In any case, you can have us check to make sure there are no unfavourable regulations hidden in the small print.

Do you have a secure employment contract?

It is becoming particularly important to negotiate and make arrangements when dealing with employment contracts. After all, you do spend much of your life at work. It’s well worth looking towards the future even when you’re just starting a job, as well as being on the right track legally as regards your career progression, bonus regulations, severance regulations and pension scheme. And this also applies to freelance work or contracts for work and labour too.

Do you want to play it safe in conflict situations?

While taking precautions is all well and good, conflicts cannot always be avoided – all of a sudden, you become the target for unjustified claims and warning notices. Or, conversely, you might end up having to wait on money or other services from your debtors for months on end. In both of these situations, we’re more than willing to help you with an experienced civil lawyer to recover your receivables or defend you against claims asserted against you.

We’re there for you, as civil lawyers, in all issues encountered in everyday working and business life – contact us!