Real Estate and Right of Residence Law

If you live and work internationally, you need international real estate and right of residence law

Life and work is no longer confined by national borders in the 21st century. The renting or purchasing of residential buildings, company property and investments, and the right to reside in a specific country, are very much necessary processes in our clients’ lives. This is precisely why Viehbacher Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater is available to both private individuals and companies alike as a law firm specialising in international real estate law. We provide you with consultation services concerning the purchase, sale and leasing of your real estate property, represent you before the real estate property transaction authorities and advise you with respect to obtaining the relevant residence permits.

The right property

Real estate is an integral part of both private and corporate assets, so it’s all the more important to choose the right property with respect to structure, location, appreciation or rentability. This is just as true for individual properties as it is for diversified portfolios or portfolios made up of special real estate in different national locations. With a Viehbacher real estate lawyer, you have the necessary expertise in the real estate market and sound knowledge of the relevant legal requirements.

Representation before the real estate property transaction authorities

In certain countries such as Austria, you need the consent of the real estate property transaction authorities to buy a property. Making contact with the relevant authorities and dealing with the formalities can be a tedious process, which is why we are more than happy to take most of the pressure off our clients, which ultimately helps their real estate transaction to succeed.

The quick way of getting a residence permit

Owning a property cannot be separated from the associated residence permit, and – often – having one is a prerequisite for obtaining the other. Quickly and efficiently providing our clients with the appropriate residence permits is what our lawyers specialising in international right of residence law do best.

International cooperation for transnational living and working

The lawyers of Viehbacher Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater cooperate internationally to ensure that you receive an excellent consulting service regardless of where you actually live and work. As our client, you’ll find an expert who is specialised in international real estate and right of residence law, and who deals with all the necessary paperwork and approvals, at all of our law firm’s locations: in Germany (Munich), Austria (Vienna), Liechtenstein (Triesen), Switzerland (Zurich) and Italy (Brixen).

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