Our offices situated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Principality of Liechtenstein provide our clients with international legal advice and legal representation. Our team of lawyers, solicitors, barristers and trustees are specialised in international trade law, criminal law and tax law.

We have independent offices in each of the countries listed above, which makes our international law firm uniquely positioned to provide our expert services quickly, which in turn ensures our clients a signal advantage when it comes to protecting their rights. It is also the basis for financially sound costs for international legal advice, in justifiable proportion to the added value our clients benefit from. Amongst our longstanding clientele are companies dealing in production, trades and services, banks, financial institutions and insurance, as well as public authorities and affluent individuals.

Expertise for your Success

We are often recommended or granted secondary power of attorney by lawyers, tax accountants and trustees. This is especially the case when our expertise in a certain country is required, or when it becomes either prudent or necessary to take advantage of our local contacts for direct representation.

Our international law firm is made up of lawyers, barristers, solicitors, tax accountants and trustees who work together and exchange know-how in order to offer expertise on every aspect of a problem. Exceptional cases are often misevaluated, or country-specific anomalies are overlooked because a single contact is expected to oversee an entire case above and beyond national borders. It is for this reason that we offer you international legal professionals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Liechtenstein. Our team of international lawyers is able to provide you with legal advice about regulations, directives and laws in each of these countries.

International Law for Businesses and Individuals

Our services are available for both individuals and businesses. We offer businesses expert advice and representation in the following legal fields: international company law, trade law, commercial and trademark law, labour law, tax law and criminal law. Our specialised lawyers, tax accountants and trustees are dedicated experts in their respective legal fields. We provide you with the legal counsel proficient in the country-specific laws of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Liechtenstein.

Individuals in need of international tax and legal advice are also in the best of hands when they need to depend upon expert international lawyers and tax accountants in conjunction with up to date foreign conditions and situations in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland or Liechtenstein. We also offer you specialists in the fields of inheritance law, tax law, real estate law, residency law, corporate law, civil law and criminal law. Our international legal experts in these various countries work together closely in order to achieve optimum results for our clients.