Experts from different countries

Skilled consulting and representation vis-à-vis our clients in legal and tax matters in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Liechtenstein is ensured by our experienced lawyers and tax advisers and their assistants.

A single point of contact for the client

In most cases, the client may elect to have client acceptance, the initial meeting and further consultations take place at one of our offices in their home country or the country where they are headquartered. Based on the facts and the legal situation, we subsequently conduct an internal review to determine which of our national experts are needed to best process the mandate. Then, without additional time and expense for our clients, our five offices work in a close international and potentially interprofessional collaborative relationship to resolve and carry through the issues that have been raised. Upon request, the client is assigned a single point of contact within our organisation who then undertakes to provide them with information on the current status of their matter on an ongoing basis and who works behind the scenes to coordinate continuous collaboration within our team. Our services are invoiced by the office where the mandate is predominantly being processed based on the facts and the legal situation.

Finally, it should be pointed out that, for legal reasons, all advisers working in our six office locations render their services autonomously and independently as part of the cooperative relationship, which is publicly represented in an integrated way across various disciplines, parties and countries. This is, in part, mandatory from a national and professional perspective, but also seems to us to constitute a contemporary form of collaboration that, at the same time, takes the independence which is legally required in exercising an independent profession into consideration.