Intellectual Property Rights

Turning Your Ideas into Worth

 The law firm Viehbacher ensures the comprehensive protection of all intellectual property rights. Among them are trademark law in particular, design rights and patent validation.

Everything starts with an idea. It deserves to be protected.

Many years of work and high financial investment are often what it takes for ideas to finally become inventions or construction plans for machines or buildings. That is why intellectual property rights are so important for businesses. They protect the intellectual property of a company and come into effect after each individual property right is registered. Trademarks, registered designs and patents for software or technical and medical inventions are some of the rights that can be granted.

Strategic Registration of Property Rights – One Key to Successful Business

The Viehbacher law firm advises businesses about the registration of suitable property rights in order to effectively protect entrepreneurial know-how both nationally and internationally. We check the registrability for each intellectual property case and make certain that your competitors don’t pre-empt you.

Infringement of Intellectual Property – A Case for Lawyers Specialised in Intellectual Property Rights

Long-sighted provision is only the first building block of a sustainable intellectual property strategy. The second is the complete and continuous monitoring and consistent revaluation of the company intellectual property portfolio. The third building block is the forceful defence of legal infringements. If a legal infringement occurs, we ensure that it is eliminated quickly and in a sustainable manner. We issue warnings, mobilise the competition law authorities, make claims against legal infringers in court, or work together with customs officials to bring about effective confiscation. We fight product pirates at trade shows with measures for preliminary intellectual property. Our network of legal offices, located in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy, make it possible for us to take action against intellectual property infringements even across borders.

Copyright – Safely Protected by Specialists in Intellectual Property Rights

Alongside intellectual property rights – which only come into effect after they have been registered – copyrights protect intellectual property even without registration. Copyright law applies to works of music, photographs or fine arts simply with the creative act of production.

The practical and legal challenge, however, lies in protecting them from infringements, and especially in regulating financial rights comprehensively. For these reasons, the law firm Viebacher has developed all-encompassing added value strategies for our clients. This ensures that income can be generated from usage rights and licenses, and that unauthorised usage is stopped. The consultation services Viehbacher offers always include tax-optimised income structuring.

Extended Cooperation Across Locations – For the Secure Protection of Your Trademarks and Patents

Our lawyers specialised in intellectual property rights are always available to you for the protection of your intellectual property – in Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Brixen or Triesen. Our many locations provide you with a contact person, no matter which of the five countries you register your intellectual property in or take actions against infringements – whether it’s in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy or Liechtenstein.

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We are here for you – as experts for strategic protection and the enforcement of your property rights. Protect your ideas – get in touch with us.