Criminal Law

Your international criminal law counsel - for a verdict in your favour

As a law firm with many years experience in criminal commercial and tax law, we make it our job to provide both businesses and individuals with the best possible counsel and defence in criminal law cases. Our lawyers also assist you in the prevention of criminal law violation. For businesses, effective compliance is the best way to prevent investigations into criminal offences and misdemeanours in the first place.

With Viehbacher, experts in the field of criminal law are available at all of our regional offices: Germany (Munich), Austria (Vienna), Switzerland (Zurich), Liechtenstein (Triesen), and Italy (Brixen). Whenever necessary, our lawyers work together cross-nationally for your rights. We ensure that you are in the best of hands, especially when it comes to complex international criminal defence cases.

Key Aspects of our Business Counsel

1. Counsel for company representatives and supervisors in compliance and the prevention of criminal offences.

As legal counsel for directors, managers and members of supervisory boards, we provide preventative legal advice in all matters of compliance. Regulatory proceedings are often the impulse for systematic prevention of legal offences. Our legal team is here to assist you in establishing an internal company compliance system or, in the role of external ombudsman, in reinforcing an existing system.

2. Corporate Criminal Defence

Criminal acts can also lead to sanctions against the company itself. Not every country has a corporate criminal code of law or recognises the criminal liability of the corporate body. However, in such cases, e.g. in Germany, a company can be sanctioned with fines or levies on profits gained from a criminal offence.

Regardless a of the actual criminal liability of a corporate body, businesses have to consider further consequences: civil damages claims from injured parties, decreased turnover due to damaged reputation, exclusion from the list of bidders for a tender or the payment of back taxes.

In all of these cases, expert and effective counsel and defence are essential for the company.

Criminal Defence and Criminal Law Counsel for Individuals

As legal experts for criminal law, tax law and corporate criminal law, we counsel and defend directors, supervisory boards and individuals in matters pertaining to corruption, insolvency, breach of trust, fraud and tax offences. We develop your defence strategy and handle your representation in court. We also offer you 24 -hour immediate counsel in cases of emergency.

We are here for you – as international criminal defence lawyers and advisors in all matters pertaining to individual and corporate criminal law.

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