Certified Lawyer for International Commercial Law

The additional certification as a lawyer for international commercial law has been granted by the German bar association since September 2014. German businesses and wealthy individuals have demonstrated an ever-increasing demand for highly qualified international legal counsel services, which was the reason for introducing the qualification title. This new legal certification has made finding a qualified commercial law specialist much easier.

Requirements for the Qualification as a Certified Lawyer for International Commercial Law

Following examination by the appropriate bar association, a lawyer may only then style himself a Certified Lawyer for Commercial Law when he has demonstrated superior theoretical and practical specialised knowledge in international commercial law:

The superior theoretical knowledge has to be acquired in a 120-hour specialisation course and must be proven in three five-hour proctored examinations.

Subject Matter of and Examinations for the Course ‘Certified Lawyer for International Commercial Law’

  • international unified trade law
  • conflict of laws in contractual and extrajudicial contractual obligation
  • international civil action and arbitration procedural law
  • comparative law between member countries of the EU or the EEA
  • European competition law 
  • international unified corporate law 
  • the regulations for fighting corruption, fraud and money laundering in international legal relations
  • international fiscal law 
  • state aid under the European Competition Law

Above-average practical knowledge must be demonstrated through an anonymized case list. The case list must encompass a minimum of 50 mandates with cross-border character over the past three years.


Under the auspices of the founder and owner of the firm, Johannes N. Viehbacher, Attorney at Law, VIEHBACHER ATTORNEYS AT LAW TAX ACCOUNTANTS has handled mandates in matters of international commercial law for many years. Underlining this specialisation with the corresponding certification was, therefor, a logical step.

Successful Qualification of the Certified Lawyer for Commercial Law Course

In October of 2014, after successful completion of the certification course in Frankfurt (Main) and demonstration of a total of 117 international mandates over the previous three years, Johannes N. Viehbacher was the first lawyer in Bavaria and one of the first lawyers in Germany authorised to style himself ‘Certified Lawyer for International Commercial Law’.

This means that our clients can confidently put their trust in VIEHBACHER ATTORNEYS AT LAW TAX ACCOUNTANTS for proven expertise and specialisation in international commercial law when handling international legal and fiscal matters.

We would be pleased to assist you as well. Please feel welcome to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!