Inheritance Law

Competent counsel in inheritance law – to preserve what’s truly valuable

Being a law firm specialised in inheritance law, Viehbacher advises and represents heirs in inheritance or estate disputes and engages its lawyers to help assert or defend against claims to legal shares of an inheritance. For testators, meanwhile, we as inheritance lawyers frame wills and provide support in executing and even contesting them. Our range of inheritance law consulting services is rounded off by comprehensive counsel relating to trusts. The international lawyers in our cooperative network provide you with inheritance law consulting and representation services at our sites in Munich, Vienna, Triesen, Zurich and Brixen.

The process of protecting rights under inheritance law starts long before the testator’s death

The only way to preserve values in the long term is to proactively plan how to manage and transfer your assets while you’re still in the land of the living. This just as true of succession regulations in companies as it is of the transfer of private assets. Working in close coordination with our tax advisers, we at Viehbacher develop an estate plan that is ideal both in legal and in fiscal terms. Your will plays just as major a role as asset management does when you’re still alive.

If a testator has died, expert guidance is an absolute must in all disputes

But from our many years of experience, we also know that even the best precautions don’t always prevent disputes from arising once a testator has died. Being experienced inheritance lawyers, we examine the relations between successors and any entitlements to a legal share of an inheritance. We handle complicated cases that deal with everything from renouncement of inheritance to insolvency.

The legal share – a case for a specialised inheritance lawyer

The legal share guarantees that the testator’s close relatives receive a share of the estate, even if they were otherwise disinherited by way of a will or contract of inheritance.

Use a trust to safeguard assets for a long time to comen

Different types of assets can be preserved in the long term simply by putting them into a trust. Capital assets, real estate, money, artwork and even shares in companies can be purposely preserved in a trust for the beneficiaries and the trust’s defined purposes. But you really ought to rely on the experts when it comes to establishing and managing one.

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